"The interview I had on the above date with Tim Thomas was not only very insightful to myself, but was done in a most courteous and professional manner. Tim's questions were righ on the mark and straight to the point, which I appreciate. Tim made me feel that with the right guidance, patience, and will. I could solve the problem that was discussed." - Andy / 5/23/2007
"Thank you for rewiring my neurotransmitting pathways:) Cheers!"- Philippa28 / Apr 4 2013
We love to post stories of our clients successes. If we have helped or guided you to an elevated position in life or performance we would love to post your story here.

"I acquired a new tool in how to see myself in a better light and how to apply this to my own daily life." - Jason / 5/19/2007



​​"My Session with Tim was a positive experience." - Rich  / 5/23/2007

"I felt like you were well prepared and asked very good questions. It helped me to reflect on some of my goals and missed opportunities that I can still take advantage of. It was a comfortable setting and I was relaxed through the process." Chris / 5/24/2007

"I want to say thank you again for allowing me to attend this course.  I did get a lot out of it and I appreciate how you deviled the program, you kept it interesting, having us thinking more and an inner reflection, GREAT JOB!!  Amazing stuff, truly is." - Dan P 4/21/2017

"I know that with a few more sessions with Tim and a little more cooperation from me, he would be a tremendous help in coaching me through some of my issues." - Deb 2/25/2008

"a very honest guy who's willing to help and guide ppl move forward to the right direction. thank you" - cdxy / May 11 2012


"Thanks A lot thomas... You were very diligent ​and extreemly helpful..." - Mike_The_Missile / Jul 1 2012

"Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it, and it did help me." - Jeremy / 11/13/2007

"You're a great teacher" - Andrew 7/9/2005

"I have met with Tim Thomas several times. His unassuming, casual style immediately puts me at ease. He never ceases to amaze me with his straight forward techniques for evoking change to address challenges I share with him. I continue to be amazed with each and every visit. Tim really knows his stuff. I highly recommend Tim. You won't be disappointed." - Norm T / 9/3/2013